Season 3 Episode 43: Candy Corn Over Strong

Hitting the Marks Pro Wrestling Podcast: "Eating :: Edited :: and Kicking :: Edited ::" Time to Evolve, Again. Who Approved this Tee Shirt? Major League Fight Night. Total Non-stop Huh? Super Jr's. AEW's Low Blow. Finn-tastic. Red & Blue because We Have To.
Dem HTM Boys are back at it again with another win. Jargo and Ric Vickrey are coming at you with the latest news you can use  from around the world of pro wrestling.
On this Week's Run....
- WWE Presents Evolution 2.0. This time the Gold Standard gets to shine.
-  A new Shop WWE tee shirt gaining major heat.
-  MLW Superfight.
- Total Non-stop Asinine.
- Plus New Japan, All Elite, NXT, RAW and SmackDown
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