Season 2 Episode 35 Part 1: Muse & Notes Edition

Jargo & RBV are back with Season 2 Episode 25 of the Hitting The Marks Pro Wrestling Podcast powered by the ROAR Network at and presented by #HaminMedia. On this weeks episode: 

- Monday Night Football Returns
- The Curtain Jerks take aim at Nike & Colin Kaepernick
- PWI 500 
- Buff runs with the stuff
- #TheDraw looses his mind in Chicago 
- #ALLIN behind the scenes
- Jericho
- Lucha Bros to WWE?
- Blanchard signs with WOW
- Marufuji vs Hideo Itami at NOAH
- WWE Marketing 
- Mix Match Challenge Season 2 
- WWE Super Showdown 
- Huge Announcement for next weeks show!!!

Part 2 actually discussing this week in wrestling coming later this weekend. 

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