Season 2 Episode 3: Rock Superstar

Jargo & Ric are back with Season 2 Episode 3 of Hitting The Marks Pro Wrestling Podcast, powered by and presented by #HaminMedia. It's a special "double tap" episode as Ric & Jargo make up for the technical difficulties with a special 2 1/2 hour jam packed show. Featuring a special appearance by "Q" making her podcast debut. 

On This Episode
- Ric weighs in on the Paige/Eddie Edwards situations
- Where's the build for the Royal Rumble?
- Has the Braun thing gone too far?
- Blatant racism exposed on MLK Day
- Jargo turns down Ric's Royal Rumble pitch
- The pop of the week for the best sell job goes ROH "...dive" match?

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Special Muse & Notes Edition This Weekend

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