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HTMSports 03.05.19

March 5, 2019

@NotJargo and @TheRealRBV are back with an all new edition of #HTMSports, presented by the ROAR Network at thegorillaposition.com HTMSports broadcasts live every Tuesday at 4:30pm EST at Twitch.tv/hittingthemarks 

On this weeks show: 

- Bryce Harper signs with Philly for a record 13 Year contract 

- The Antonio Brown saga continues as the three suiters are released for the All Pro. 

- Le'Veon Bell's latest 

- Nick Foles is #ALLIN with the Jacksonville Jaguars 

- Flacco to the Bronco's, his it a good fit?

- Kyler Murray reportedly the #1 pick and headed to Arizona, is the Big Apple in Josh Rosen's future?

- Lebron and the Fakers fall out of playoff contention


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