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#HTMTech 01.23.2020

#HTMTech 01.23.2020

January 23, 2020

Big Joe and Money Mike are back for another week with more hot tech news and topics;

MIcrosoft ends support for
Windows 7.

Are video games too easy these days and catering too much to people with short attention spans and always wanting instant gratification?

Keeping your technology cool.

Sex Tech Stampede with special guest Ric Vickrey.

Hitting The Playoffs Episode 4

Hitting The Playoffs Episode 4

January 22, 2020

@NotJargo is joined along side @bWoStevie for an all new show brought to you by the HTM Podcast Network hittingthemarks.com and Hamin Media hackerhamin.podbean.com, Hitting The Playoffs, a #NFL Playoffs preview and breakdown of all things NFL. On this Championship Edition: 

- Is Joe Burrow "On To Cincinnati"

- Old Coaches In New Places

- Pro Bowl Onside Kick Rules

- Chiefs top Titans, what's the future in Tennessee 

- 49ers Pack Up Rodgers, Is it time for Green Bay to draft an heir apparent

- Early Super Bowl Preview & Big Joe's Madden Sim

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Turnbuckle Talk Episode 150: Everything Sucks, Except Betty White

Turnbuckle Talk Episode 150: Everything Sucks, Except Betty White

January 22, 2020

On our 150th episode, Big Joe and head of the HTM Podcast Network Jargo, sit down for a special edition of the podcast this week to discuss topics including;

Rocky Johnson tribute

Impact banned on twitch and the state of Impact as a company

What surprises if any could we see at the Royal Rumble this year

Match of the week segment

Showstopper Rewind with Joe and Jargo;

How casual and non fans perception of WWE is potentially effecting the entire wrestling industry.

What we want to see out of the wrestling business in the year 2020

Will WrestleKingdom eventually replace WrestleMania as the marquis wrestling event of the year?

Is professional wrestling a sport? 

The ups and downs of podcasting on a regular basis

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Wrestle Popcast with Robyn Nelson 01.21.20

Wrestle Popcast with Robyn Nelson 01.21.20

January 21, 2020

@WPopcast1 is back with a whole new edition of the Wrestle Popcast presented by the #HTMPodcastNetwork. On todays show, Robyn is joined along side No Shame Jimmy Shane to discus his journey from fan to pro wrestler. 

Then for segment two, Robyn is joined by Kaydee Knoxx to talk about her training, Tessa Blanchard, and working at OVW along side Al Snow. 

Season 4 Episode 3: Sorry, Not Sorry

Season 4 Episode 3: Sorry, Not Sorry

January 18, 2020
Hitting the Marks Pro Wrestling Podcast w/Michael Jargo & Ric Vickrey... Sorry, Not Sorry!
It might be devastatingly frigid in the American heartland but #DemHTMBoys are bringing the heat when it comes to the week's pro wrestling hot topic issues.... Triple H & Tessa Blanchard Pandering to the Marktards via Social Media. Impact Gets Booted from Twitch. Is Marty the Catalyst for a New Wrestling Mafia? TNT Doubles Down on Dynamite. This is What Happens When Worlds Colide. Booking Becky vs. Baszler. Let's Get Ready to Rumble.
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