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PWHustle: AEW Fyter Fest Round Table Edition

June 29th, 2019


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That Masked Man and 8 Trac X return along side HTM Podcast Network co-founder Jargo for your AEW Fyter Fest immediate reaction/review. 

Exclusive Interview: Lance Archer on the G1 Climax

June 28th, 2019


@NotJargo is joined along side the American Psycho @LanceHoyt for a history lesson on the #G1Climax and a preview of this years New Japan Pro Wrestling #NJPW1972 #G129. 

The tournament kicks off July 6th in Dallas, Texas. Hear from Lance Archer himself as he prepares to take on the Ariel Assassin Will Ospreay, as well as a look at all of the competitors in both the A Block and B Block in this exclusive interview, brought to you by the ROAR Network at thegorillaposition.com, #HaminMedia, and lastwordonprowrestling.com 

Season 3 Episode 26: When Opportunity Knocks

June 28th, 2019
Hitting the Marks Pro Wrestling Podcast: "When Opportunity Knocks." Go Inside the G1 Climax w/an Exclusive Interview w/Lance Archer. Save Us Heyman & Bischoff. Stubbing Your Toe On Social Media. Evolve vs. AEW. Plus the Weeks Big Reviews and Previews. 
Dem HTM Boys, Michael Jargo & Ric Vickrey are back with another action packed episode of the Hitting The Marks Pro Wrestling Podcast. On this Week's Run....
- The WWE nearly shutdown the internet with the announcement that Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff would be taking over directional control of RAW and SmackDown respectively. Jargo & RBV dive into deeper issues that might be responsible for the moves.
- Becky Lunch rubbing off on her man? Seth Rollins recently took to social media with a few attention grabbing post. 
- Evolve Wrestling is going to air on the WWE Network..... Against AEW. What does this mean for a potential war?
- Baszler marches on. Jargo & RBV praise the recent booking and presentation within the NXT Women's Division.
- The Von Erich Brothers have officially landed in MLW. What does their future hold?
- Show previews for ROH Best in the World and AEW Fyter Fest.
- Jargo sits down for an exclusive interview with New Japan Star and G1 Climax Competitor, Lance Archer. The two talk a lot of history and what the future holds for the 6'8 265lbs American Psycho.
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HTMSports 06.27.19

June 27th, 2019


@NotJargo and @TheRealRBV are back with this weeks delayed edition of #HTMSports. After an insane week in and out of the #NBA, get caught up on all the latest happenings as we gear up for #FreeAgency2019. On this weeks show: 

- Where does Kawhi call home in 2019-2020

- "Ain't nobody goin' to New York" 

- KD hits the market 

- Al Horford opts out, what's up in Boston? 

- Clutch Sports Lakers 

- CP3 + James Harden + Jimmy Butler?

- Zion vs RJ takes center stage July 5th 

Tables, Athers & Chairs 06.27.19

June 27th, 2019


RIP Lionheart - On today’s show @AthersChairs talks about the passing of ICW Heavweight Champion Adrian “Lionheart” McCallum, how his loss has left a huge impact on the British Wrestling scene and talks about depression & suicide. If you’re going through a tough time there are people that will listen: UK - Samaritans 116 123 - USA - National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - 1-800-273-8255 - Canada - Crisis Service Canada - +18334564566

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