Jargo, and RBV with Mr. Bill Apter 
Starrcast 2018


Jargo is a 30 year wrestling enthusiast, 15 year music industry vet, and current behind the scenes player for Sinclair Broadcast Group, owner of Ring Of Honor. A former performer, and promoter, Jargo steps out from the behind the scenes world to grab the mic, and bring his unique show business background to the air waves to discuss how it relates it to professional wrestling, it's similarities and contrasts.

Vickrey is the owner and operator of HERDD Marketing. A consulting firm which focuses on digital media management, design and event planning & promotions. Over the years Vickrey has had a hand in assisting pro wrestling promotions and talents with events and merchandising. Vickrey has also been a contributing columnist for a handful of professional wrestling online news outlets.
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