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Destino: A New Japan Pro Wrestling Podcast “Sakura Genesis”

April 9th, 2021


This very special edition of Destino: A New Japan Pro Wrestling Podcast is a review of Sakura Genesis with @NotJargo and @OpinionHaver. The era of Ospreay has begun, and Jargo & The Vet are here to try to make sense of it all. As a special bonus, The Vet watches the entire Stardom 'Dream Cinderella' event with a full review! Download this double tap episode now, and be sure to stick around at the end for an update of when to expect the next episode of Destino! 

Michael Jargo @NotJargo

The Vet @OpinionHaver 

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Erik’s EDM World: Texas & Beyond

April 9th, 2021


On this short, random, uncut, and unedited episode of Erik’s EDM World, I talk nothing about EDM and concentrate on my vacation to San Antonio, Texas. 


It was amazing to see how people react to situations when they’re not told how to portray themselves when it comes to the virus and masks. 


I also briefly delve into the food, atmosphere, my close encounter with a snake, and the ease of flying Southwest Airlines. 


I’ve also made a decision to not do a podcast every week as it takes up the majority of my time when I’m not working, and I need to concentrate on spending more time outdoors and with friends. 


Perhaps a podcast every fortnight or monthly, I don’t know yet, but I can assure you, I’ll still be around. 

Hitting The Marks: Organized Chaos

April 9th, 2021
Hitting The Marks Podcast Part Deux Episode XXII: Organized Chaos
April 9th 2021
Jargo & RBV #DemHTMBoys, are getting personal on this weeks Hitting The Marks. Calling it on the fly, getting you up to date on what's going on with HTM, where we're at, what we're doing, and what we're paying attention to. This weeks episode is Organized Chaos as the guys discuss WrestleMania, Social Media, Corporate America Black Balling, Artificial Intelligence and so much more. 
Calling It On the Fly...
- 15 Minutes of AEW B Roll? 
- Is Social Media Over Hyped & Over Valued?
- The War On Podcasts Hits Home
- Diversity In The Skies 
- https://www.chess.com/terms/alphazero-chess-engine Google Alpha Zero 
- #45 
- The Geneva Convention (yeah, we went there) 
- MLB Georgia 
- "One of two things is true" Jargo's favorite game returns 
- The WrestleMania Preview? Does anyone care? 
- Is HBK the greatest WrestleMania performer of all time? 
- New Japan Burn Out 
- JustCBDStore.com presents the @HTM_Pod Weekend Update... We Bought a House!
- Hail Caesar? Planet Of The Apes Comes To Life
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Pro Wrestling Coalition: Wednesday Night Skirmish with Jimmy T, Chris Ambs feat Jargo

April 9th, 2021


On tonight's episode of the Wednesday Night Skirmish! We are joined by the man the myth THE DR Michael Jargo! Host of the Destino Podcast! and ceo of the HTM WRESTLING NETWORK! Joins Jimmy T and Chris Ambs. In Reviewing AEW's Dynamite! The discussion goes from the depth of story telling, to alien gimmicks, to the question you really want answered: Will the Young Bucks finger Kenny Omega or not? Maki Itoh, why stables are different in New Japan, We even touch on triple h and if he truly is a B+ player? and MUCH MUCH MORE!  Right here on the RATIONAL RAGE NETWORK! 
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Turnbuckle Talk Episode 213: WWE, Do Better

April 8th, 2021


On our 213th episode Mighty Joe Morin and Karl Karufel are back for more wrestling discussion, including;
This years celebrity inductee into WWE Hall of Fame 
The guys discuss the current list of banned words and terms that WWE talent and employees are not allowed to say/use
Breakdown and predictions for Wrestlemania
Breaking News Segment 
Showstopper Segment 
Every Wrestlemania match is a main event.  Is this a good and or accurate statement or does it water down the entire show without having a true main event match?
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