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Destino: A New Japan Pro Wrestling Podcast “Wrestle Kingdom 15 Preview”

Destino: A New Japan Pro Wrestling Podcast “Wrestle Kingdom 15 Preview”

December 31, 2020


This weeks episode of Destino: A New Japan Pro Wrestling Podcast is double tap episode featuring @NotJargo sitting down with 8 Trac Brown & Billy Ray Valentine to preview Wrestle Kingdom 15!!! Night 1 & 2 Previews, as well as a recap of NJPW since the restart and what to look forward to in 2021. 

This episode is even more NSFW than normal, NOT mini van friendly. 

Michael Jargo @NotJargo

Billy Ray Valentine @Obi1unome
8 Trac Brown @8tracDastardly

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Turnbuckle Talk Episode 199: The Christmas Special

Turnbuckle Talk Episode 199: The Christmas Special

December 30, 2020


On our 199th episode Mighty Joe Morin and Karl Karufel are back for more wrestling discussion, including;

Jon Huber aka Brodie Lee, Luke Harper passes away
As per listener suggestion, Joe and Karl breakdown the NWA Shockwave women’s title match between Serena Deeb and Thunder Rosa
Breast augmentation for women in wrestling. A positive or a negative?
Christmas edition of Smackdown draws nearly 4 million viewers 
WWE pursuing several impact talents. Who could they possibly get?
Match of the Year Segment
Showstopper Segment
What we have planned for episode 200 and for 2021 going forward. 

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Hitting The Marks: The Kentucky Conspiracy

Hitting The Marks: The Kentucky Conspiracy

December 30, 2020
Hitting The Marks Podcast Part Deux Episode Nine: The Kentucky Conspiracy 
December 30th, 2020
On this New Years Special Episode, #DemHTMBoys Jargo & RBV are Joined by Long Time Friend of the Show, Erik Lake to talk some College Basketball. As the University of Kentucky's basketball season rolls on, is it time to flush Coach Cal?  
Also On the Run...
- False Flags In Nashville 
- Mitch The Turtle Puts A Hold On Stimulus 
- RIP Mr Brodie
- #HTMSports: College Basketball Elite's Come Back To Earth, #NFLPlayoffs, NBA Ratings & More!
Erik Lake: www.trancefarm.com 
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Pro Wrestling Coalition: Wednesday Night Skirmish

Pro Wrestling Coalition: Wednesday Night Skirmish

December 30, 2020


On todays episode of the PWC Wednesday night skirmish! Jimmy and chris are joined by a glorious guest its the pw hustles own "the professor" chabelo vera cruz! in a special Christmas edition of the skirmish! as the boys kick back and review aew dynamite!! Laughter is assured! THIS IS THE PWC AND THIS IS THE SKIRMISH! ON THE RATIONAL RAGE NETWORK!
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Horror Pop After Christmas

Horror Pop After Christmas

December 24, 2020


Horror Pop After Midnight Christmas Episode

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