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Horror Pop After Midnight: Brent Edgett

November 26th, 2020


This weeks Horror Pop After Midnight features star of the fan made Friday The 13th films "Rose Blood" and "The Fall Of Camp Blood" Brent Edgett. Hear about this stuntman, actor, and makeup artists journey to becoming Jason on screen and in cosplay on this weeks Horror Pop A.M. 



Turnbuckle Talk Episode 194: Surviving Survivor Series

November 26th, 2020



On our 194th episode Mighty Joe Morin is joined by Karl Karufel and Richard Bronson Vickrey for more wrestling discussion, including;
Survivor Series recap/review
Thoughts on the upcoming AEW game
Match of the Week Segment 
Showstopper Segment 
Who would be your Favourite Pro Wrestler if you were a kid watching now?
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Hitting The Marks Episode 4: Hitting.The Turkeys

November 24th, 2020


Hitting The Marks Podcast Part Deux Episode Four: Hitting The Turkeys

It's Thanksgiving Time in the States and #DemHTMBoys, Michael Jargo & Richard Bronson Vickrey, are On the Hunt for a Few Jive Turkeys. On this Week's Episode...

- I Hate New York... City

- Deep Fryin' or Dyin' with All the Turkey Day Trimmings #rbvfitness

- Lions... Cowboys... Goodbye?

- Recommend National COVID Guidelines for the Holidays

- Reality of COVID Clone Wars

- A Future Killer Cop In Every Classroom?

- #HTMSports... Plus a Letter from Big Ray and Knicks Conversation

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Pro Wrestling Coalition: Wednesday Night Skirmish

November 23rd, 2020


On today's episode of the PWC Podcast. Jimmy T and Chris ambs. Review Aew Dynamite. Sit back relax and enjoy this episode of the Wednesday night skirmish! This is The PWC! On The Rational Rage Network! Follow us on FB at👇👇👇
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#HTMTech Morning Fix 11.19.2020

November 22nd, 2020


Mighty Joe is back with another episode covering some breaking news in the tech business and gives a great alternative to those who aren't able to buy a new Playstation or Xbox.

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