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Feature Interview: Brandon Xavier

May 31st, 2019


@TheRealRBV sits down with MEGA Wrestling owner and trainer, as well as Battle On The Border Champion Brandon Xavier in this full length exclusive interview on the HTM Podcast Network. 

Season 3 Episode 22: Super Brock Party!!

May 31st, 2019


Hitting the Marks Pro Wrestling Podcast: "Who Needs the Red & Blue?" Get To Know Pro Wrestling's Next Great Trainer, Mr. Brandon Xavier. Mox's World. Russo Being Russo. AEW On The Charge. Best Of The Super Jr's. Taven Sets The Standard. The Undisputed Golden Brand.

On The Run....

Sixteen Year Pro Wrestling Veteran, Co-owner & Head Trainer of Mega Championship Wrestling and Current Battle On The Border Champion Brandon Xavier Joins the Show.

RAW & SD Review!!

Jon Moxley breaks the internet on Talk Is Jericho. Jargo & RBV react to the internets reaction.

Russo Creates Controversy and Cash. Pro Wrestling's king of smash tv steals the show twenty years later.

Following a successful debut with Double or Nothing All Elite Wrestling is firing out of the gate and running. Dem HTM Boys look at the promotions Summer schedule.

The A Block is wrapped up. Who will emerge victorious from the B? It's your Best of the Super Jr's update!

Don't sleep on Ring of Honor. ROH is about to set the weekend on fire. A conversation about this weekends events turns into a round of Be the Booker.

It's NXT XXV. The Golden Brand turns the page. Can they stand on their own? Plus a full show preview.

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PWHustle : AEW Cody Rhodes Hate. Dancing Brock Lesnar and John Moxley hates WWE

May 30th, 2019


We're back!!

Sorry for the long time off but we had things to handle. We talk AEW of course and the recent rise of Cody Rhodes hate within the IWC, YWC

John Moxley makes his escape from WWE

Brock is a dancing fool

NXT Takeover 25

And a whole bunch of bad shit you aint never heard of!

Tables, Athers & Chairs 05.29.19

May 30th, 2019


AEW ROUND TABLE EXTRAVAGANZA! @AthersChairs gives his take on AEW’s Double Or Nothing, from The Assembly Room Tavern, in Leeds. He is joined by Andrew & Geoff Ogden, hosts of the wildly popular Graps & Claps Audio in the UK, as well as Ben Corrigan & Matty Banks. Also, on a new segment of the show, Athers reveals the first recipient of the Wanker of the Week award. Social media: Twitter - @AthersChairs @HTMpwpop Facebook - Tables Athers & Chairs message board. Come join the discussion YouTube - Tables Athers and Chairs

Turnbuckle Talk Ep 115: We Go All Out On Double Or Nothing

May 29th, 2019



On our 115th episode we, for the first time ever focus on one single topic.  AEW Double or Nothing.  We recap every match from this monumental show that has breathed new life into the professional wrestling business and has the entire industry talking.  In our Showstopper Segment we discuss whether AEW is a worthy competitor in the wrestling business now that their first show is in the record books.  Like, share, and enjoy.

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