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HTM Sports 11.27.18

November 27th, 2018

RBV & Jargo are back with the debut episode of HTM Sports, a new talk show from the Curtain Jerks talking all the news that is news from around the professional sports world. On this weeks show: 

- OH-IO State takes down Michigan 
- Domers outlast the Trojans 
- LSU's Championship ambitions come to an end
- CFP Who's #4? 
- Thanksgiving in the NFL 
- Browns blow out Bengals 
- RBV finally agrees with Jargo 
- Steelers still a contender? 
- Is Luck the real MVP? 
- Big 10 vs ACC Challenge 

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Season 2 Episode 46: The War Takes Its Turn

November 26th, 2018

The Holiday Season is Here, so We are Bringing the Families Together. It is a Hitting The Marks Pro Wrestling Podcast and a Hamin Media Group The Locker Room Crossover. On this weeks show:

- The War On Fans Takes A Turn 
- The women take center stage 
- Ric goes to StarrCade and sees a familiar face return 
- TakeOver comes to the UK 
- Strowman injured, TLC in question 
- Ambrose takes the heat 
- The return of John Cena! 
- #DammitMauro 
- AEW!!! AEW!!! AEW!!! 
- The Road to Wrestle Kingdom heats up 
- Final Battle Matches and stipulations announced!!! 



Season 2 Episode 45: The Bloody Becky Booking Conundrum

November 16th, 2018

RBV & Jargo are back with Season 2 Episode 45 of the Hitting The Marks Pro Wrestling Podcast powered by thegorillaposition.com, presented by Hamin Media, and in association with lastwordonprowrestling.com On this weeks episode: 

HTM Sports

  • NFL Week 11

  • College Football Playoff

  • Have the Lakers figured things out?


Becky Lynch/Charlotte/Ronda Rousey Conundrum (36:10)

  • What does the future hold for the Lass Kicker?

  • Notorious Becky Lynch?

  • Was CharChar the right choice?

  • Nia Jax

Daniel Bryan vs Brock Lesnar (1:07:07)

  • Welcome back 'The American Dragon'

  • CM Punk?

  • Heel vs Heel?

  • What's next for AJ Styles?

  • Brock vs Rock?


Last Word On Pro Wrestling Editor In Chief Jamie Greer joins the show to talk Cody Rhodes, dream matches, and what is in the American Nightmare's future. (1:34:05)


NJPW World Tag League Nights 1,2 Highlight Previews (2:01:46)

  • Chaos vs Los Ingobernables

NXT TakeOver WarGames Preview (2:08:42)

Season 2 Episode 44: Red vs Blue II

November 9th, 2018

Hitting the Marks Pro Wrestling Podcast: “Letting Go Is Never Easy.” Excited for Global Wars. NJPW World Tag League. NXT is Ready for War Games. Equality for the Sexes. Brock vs. Rock Fires Up the Smarks. The McMahon Clan vs. The Mickey Mouse Club. Ric Really Doesn’t Want to Talk About Survivor Series.On the Run…….

- This Sunday ROH and NJPW invade Toronto, Ontario, Canada for what promises to be an exciting night of pro wrestling action. Jargo & RBV breakdown this loaded card.

- New Japan Pro Wrestling's World Tag League is just around the corner. This years tournament has the potential for some incredible match ups and story lines but more interesting might be the list of teams and talents absent from the lineup. 

- It seems as if the NXT TakeOver War Games card has been made official and with one week to go before the big show the Yellow and Black Brand is absolutely bringing it.

- In the weekly WWE review segment Ric tries to twist the conversation in any other direction than Survivor Series while Jargo can't let go of Bliss be bested one year ago.

- From Brock vs. Rock to Women's Equality and WWE Being Bigger than Disney the WWE had the Smarks all kinds of hot this week. It is "Shill Vickrey Shill" time as the guys debate what is really going on behind the scenes.  

- Plus the latest College Football Playoff standings, Pittsburgh Over Strong and Duke vs Cleveland on the hardwood. 



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Season 2 Episode 43: 7 Second Dance Party

November 2nd, 2018

Michael Jargo and Ric Vickrey are back again with another exciting installment of the Hitting the Marks Pro Wrestling Podcast.  This week the guys are rather fired up regarding a handful or topics on which they don’t exactly see eye to eye.

Topics Include:

- A long time ago in what now seems like galaxies away Paul Heyman implemented a booking strategy that would become as the “SmackDown Six.” The concept was simple. Revolve the program and title picture around six super stars.

Jargo & RBV layout how they would implement this strategy in today’s WWE landscape. Jargo approaches the subject from a pure pro wrestling point of view while RBV puts an entire Brand twist on the subject.    

- Cody “Don’t Call Him Rhodes” has been quite the chatter bug as of late. He claims to no longer be a member of Bullet Club. He wishes NWA well as they move forward. He claims he will not be on the ROH/NJPW MSG show. He will not be returning to WWE. All of this and now he seems to be talking on behalf of the entire “Elite.”

Jargo and RBV question the motives behind Cody recent comments and question if this is all one elaborate work.

- Ronda Rousey Named PWI’s Top Female. A conversation about Becky Lynch vs. Ronda Rousey takes a major turn when breaking news causes mass hysteria across the internet. Why so many Smarks are looking like completely fools over Ronda topping this list.

- It is an Over the Top Wrestling Weekend. Previews & Conversations on WWE Crown Jewel, NJPW Power Struggle, Jericho Cruise's Sea of Honor Tournament and ROH Survival of the Fittest. 

- Plus the College Football Playoff Picture and Week Nine of the NFL.

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